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About Sharon

Sharon is a certified CTC Master Therapist, Reiki Master, Aromatouch Technique Therapist  and Doterra Wellness Advocate.

Sharon's purpose is to help you to feel whole, to help you clear all that no longer serves you, to assist with unlocking that amazing you.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Are you ready to gift yourself?


Sharon's Philosophy

Since Sharon can remember, it is always been about helping others.  Through her own healing and life journey and experiences, she has this passion and feels that she has much to offer to others.  

Every day is a learning day!  Sharon's philosophy is about helping you to look at yourself and your experiences in a different way, looking at things with different eyes, which in turn helps you to learn and grow naturally.  Not only will you see and feel the changes, but those around you will start to see you shine as well .. immediately. 


Sharon is completely committed to guiding, healing, empowering & motivating you, most importantly showing you how easy it is to live life with passion and to help you to see the magic that is all around you.

The Clinic

Depending on the type of session and treatment you are after, the "Clinic" can be wherever you feel most comfortable.  Sharon has a unique way of being able to do healings in any environment ... from being at a property under a tree to a subway in Paris.  For your booked tailored healing session, there are choices.  When you book your time, Sharon will work with you what and where is the right place for your treatment to take place.

  • Rooty Hill Clinic, 39A Rooty Hill Road South, Rooty Hill, NSW 2766
    The Unknown New Age Store

  • Could be in the comfort of your Home

  • or at a location such as Nepean River or somewhere that is that special place that you like to visit

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