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Hear how Sharon's clients felt after experiencing a tailored Healing Session

"I really didn't know what to expect having my 1st healing session with Sharon. It was really nice to have a chat with someone whom is honest in there answers and making you re- think the "why's" in your own answers and breaking down any issues your have, so you see a different spin on them, making you re - think about the issue.I have never experienced EFT tapping before and was surprised how effective it was for me. I loved the drumming, it's beautiful, powerful and calming at the same time. One word to describe how I felt after my healing was lighter. Now I have experienced a healing I know that is the way for me to heal myself in the future and I will be back to see Sharon."
Sharon Lloyd-gee, Penrith, NSW
"Thank you so much for your amazing aromatouch session this morning. I LOVED it & felt so much calm, I was able to completely let go & allow the magic to happen & boy does my body thank you for it!!"
Charlie Brown, San Souci, NSW
"Had a CTC session with Sharon yesterday and she is just amazing! I left there feeling so much better and just felt lighter.. I recommend this to everyone  ..   I'm glad it was you i saw Sharon you made me feel so comfortable, thank you for being the beautiful person you are, can't wait to book in again with you xx"

Julie Hokin, Penrith NSW


“I was feeling, low, depressed and unworthy, had recently separated from a 5 year relationship. I also had a number of problems with my bowel and had anxiety. I have heard Sharon talk about this CTC process on many occasions and the amazing results it can do for people so I approached Sharon and booked in. During the session I felt anxious to start with, but after a couple of hours I was feeling very calm, relaxed, renewed, energised refreshed .. Ready for what the Universe had in store for me next. It's been a couple of weeks since the CTC session and I am feeling so much more confident, not letting people walk all over me anymore, making more empowered choices, my body feeling great, bowel is working properly, feeling less stressed, coping with challenges and experiences so much more easily. Would highly recommend anyone of any age or gender to try as you have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Thanks Sharon for the experience..”

Julie Richmond, Willmot NSW

"This wonderful lady has helped me from being at my lowest; to feel like I'm walking on the clouds. i can definitely see the change in everything about myself...more confidence back, loving my hair, my eyes have a new sparkle in them...I love my life .. Give Sharon a call or inbox to find out how good you can feel"

Rebecca, St Marys NSW


"Thankyou Sharon so much for my healing session last night. I feel I have more direction in my life now. And having more positive thoughts to actions in which I'm taking .  Blessings to you my lovely."

Wendy, Beecroft NSW

“Hey, I slept well in my bedroom last night , i didn't wake up once and i felt like i was allowed to sleep in there and not being freaked out. I enjoyed the session, im so keen to learn who my actual guide is and who this great uncle is, And best feeling to be able to sleep in my room again without waking up a million times through the night its great thank you”

Aleisha, St Marys, NSW


"Really good thanks. Had a great day yesterday just doing normal stuff and not thinking. I realise I used to spend 99% of my time thinking of the past or worrying about the future and I was paralysed in the present, lol. I am feeling physically better too, my digestive system is improved. Thanks so much for a wonderful healing morning, I'll remember that experience forever. xx"

Annette, St Marys, NSW


"Thank you lovely for a great reading & healing session. Feeling relaxed & re-energised, whilst thinking with clarity.. much needed! "

Jale, Toongabbie, NSW

“Hey Sharon, just wanted to let you know I told Vince about your message, from his necklace. But first I asked him if he has been feeling a niggling in his ear lately and he said “Yeh!! Especially this afternoon, I was thinking what is that?” So I told him what you said. He was amazed, I told him to start talking to him. You were right on target with all your messages. You and your guides are communicating so well, that’s great. Thnx for your message :)) "

Luisa, Kellyville, NSW


"Thank You for the session we had on Monday. I have come away feeling lighter and freer than I have felt in years, it was quite the experience. I am moving forward into the new chapter in my life knowing I am complete.  Amazing.....Thanks Again"

Katrina, Kings Park, NSW

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